D-chan (demented_chld) wrote in dchan_graphics,


so you want to request...okie-dokie...all i need is the following info in a reply post and preferably a link to the pic you wanna use...

Type of Graphic:: [ lj layout, avatar, wallpaper, banner, etc]
User Name:: [user name of personal journal]
Color Scheme:: [either- *Name* or *HEX code* of color choices]
Words/Text:: [text you want and where in graphics]
Image To Use:: [either tell me who you want or give me a pic]

that's all...the lines are now open... XP
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Hi~ :o
I saw this one at _hydeist and thought I could ask:
Can I make a request for a lj layout?
If I can, here it goes:
If not, tell me and ignore xD;;
Type of Graphic:: Lj Layout
User Name:: missdoihachirou
Color Scheme:: something pink or a happy colour, please?._.
Words/Text:: Anything, as long it has two layers: to the entries and to talk about myself ...is it called sidebar to ppl at lj, right?
Image To Use:: HYDE from Kagen no Tsuki set of pics(any pic of this set would be wonderful)

If you need something else, I'll make contact xD;
I'm adding this comm., okay?:D
its completed... hope you like it...
NICOLE!!!! I know nothing J-rock... but I do love your layouts and I'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have one made by YOU!

It's not a J-rock one... but could you still make me one??? I would like one that involves a sketch I did in art history today which turned out really awesome. And I know you are the best around for neat layouts, so PLEASE help me :) ?

I'll scan it tomorrow if you agree to do it for me, and I'll send you the image!

sure no prob...you're a good friend...so don't worry about it being j-rock just be sure to give me an image either thru link or e-mail... XD
I forgot to copy down the hex code for the colors... but uh... Yeah... I'm thinking... black boxes for the entries? white text... And this cool little dude in the background somewheres...